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Welcome to the Vanderbilt Fusion Project

At Vandy Fusion, we're building the future. Fully interdisciplinary, we're Vanderbilt University's first completely student-led undergraduate research initiative and project team. With 35 team members, we're passionate about pushing the envelope of cutting-edge technology and creating something that matters. From our engineering programs to our business and communications operations, the Vanderbilt Fusion Project is on a mission to inspire and facilitate groundbreaking research. When we successfully achieve nuclear fusion, our team will be the first student-led engineering team in the country to independently fuse atoms.

This fall, we successfully completed our first round of competitive recruiting and welcomed 25 new members to our team. We're an official Vanderbilt University Student Organization, and are on a mission to bridge the gaps between different communities on campus by uniting them in pursuit of a common goal: Innovation that Inspires. Our team members have 22 different majors and represent three schools at Vanderbilt: the Vanderbilt University School of Engineering, Peabody College, and the College of Arts and Science. From mechanical engineering to art history, we create a space where technical and non-technical students can collaborate and broaden their horizons.

We're currently entering the primary research and design phase of the project. Over the next several months we'll fully design and prototype the reactor, and model expected plasma behavior and neutron-production performance. Once the design phase is complete, we'll begin fabricating and testing the reactor. By the end of 2023 we expect to have successfully fused atoms. The Vanderbilt Fusion Project journey is just starting, but it's sure to be an incredible, transformative ride for our entire team. At Vandy Fusion, the future starts today.

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