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Sesquicentennial Grant Winners

Updated: Apr 12

We are excited to announce that the Vanderbilt Fusion Project has won the Vanderbilt Sesquicentennial Grant Program, providing us with $20,000 in funding.

Out of 15 winning proposals, we are the only team of undergraduate students to accomplish this feat and we are eager to move forward into the construction phase of our project.

Our Chief Engineering Officer, Tommy Pennington, and Chief Financial Officer, Zachary Klinger, worked tirelessly in collaboration with our Communications and Finance team over the past few months developing our proposal, and we are thrilled that our vision is continuously materializing.

As a recipient of this grant, we must document all projects and materials related to the grant and submit them to the Office of the Chancellor for their archive. We are excited to be working with the Sesquicentennial team over the course of the next two years!

The Vanderbilt Fusion Project is appreciative of everyone who helped make this achievement possible, though, our work is not done yet. We are only getting started. #vandyfusion

Please click on the “Sponsors” or “Contact” menus at the top of the screen if you are interested in getting involved or just have a few questions.

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