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Updated: Apr 12

The Vanderbilt Fusion Project is more than an engineering-based initiative. With students representing 22 majors across 3 schools at Vandy, interdisciplinary collaboration is at our core. We are proud of the diversity of thought, experience, and expertise that we have procured through our recruitment process, and we know that it will pay off.

We currently have 35 members split into 7 system teams: Fabrication & Design, Safety, Vacuum & Gas, Electrical, Control Systems, Communications & Finance, and Research & Innovation. Each team tackles specific, measurable goals each week and we are nearing a completed prototype. Every day is an opportunity to develop ourselves into top-tier engineers, innovators, and problem solvers.

Our system teams, however, will not be siloed by specific disciplines because they inherently require cross-field collaboration. We have MechEs working with BMEs to develop custom shielding systems, and EEs working with CEs to design the ultra-high vacuum system. We also have business-oriented students working alongside computer scientists to develop strategic outreach plans toward alumni and STEM-focused corporations. Furthermore, we have a Child Studies major who will play an integral part in developing a curriculum to teach in local schools once the reactor is completed.

This project is fully student-driven, giving our team members full-spectrum design, fabrication, and testing experience. We expect that there will be unexpected obstacles, and we firmly believe that these unique challenges will enable students to gain unparalleled engineering, creative design, and problem-solving skills.

Vandy Fusion is the premier example of the power of interdisciplinary innovation on campus and we hope that any of you reading this will take the time to read up on our project and find a way to get involved. Be a part of history. #vandyfusion

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